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A Few Words from Our Friends and Family


Brad, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for us at Legacy Lumber & Woodworking Co.  I was very skeptical when you first walked into our shop pitching your magazine.  We have received, and still do, so many requests for advertising that we had become more than jaded.  As a small business, every dollar matters and we did not want to invest in advertising with no measurable return. 


I decided to give you a chance, but withheld any expectations that it would really change our business.  I couldn't have been more excited when our phone started ringing right away.  The ad that your team created was beautiful, and portrayed our business just as we had hoped.  Every month, including the first, we can tell the day the magazine is distributed because I take calls all day long.  Throughout each month we must get 20+ calls, most all of which are quality inquiries about our products.  We had previously tried many different publications, in print and online, with results that didn't even come close to yours. Your non-pressuring, friendly approach was much needed, and the quality of Douglas County Living was, and continues to be, top notch.  I can't thank you enough for hanging in there with us!


I could not speak more highly of your team or how you conduct business.  We are proud to market our business in Douglas County Living and will continue to do so.


Seth Cope

Legacy Lumber & Woodworking Co.




I have never been a big fan of print advertising, but Douglas County Living has made me one, at least for their publication. I have been advertising with them for most of 2017, and now 2018. The results have been great, month after month...usually paying for the ad in a number of days after it comes out. The staff is professional and they have been awesome to work with. The publication itself is a unique size, and I think that is why it gets more readership, as well as being a great looking magazine. Thanks DC Living! Our success is been boosted because of you!!

Gary Robinson

Mountain West Landscape


We love Douglas County Living magazine.  We have lots of choices to showcase our business, but, our best ROI (return on investment) is Douglas County Living.  The magazine layout is high quality, attention getting and professional.  Lots of our favorite local business, like Orangetheory Fitness also advertise there.  We have learned the hard way that lots of  magazines are one and done, but not Douglas County Living.  Another  reason we choose Douglas County Living is the difference they are making in the community.  We participate in all the magazine's charity events.  Brad is great to work with on Toys for Tots, Denver Draft Party, which supports Todd Davis's A+ Living and Man vs. Elk.  My employees love working with Brad too.  Douglas County Living has earned our advertising dollars.  We are consistently getting new clients who mention the Douglas County Living ad.


Carol B.

Sew-ciety, Inc

Do you have a story about how DC Living has impacted you, your family, or your business? Tell us about it!

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